Monday, November 15, 2010

Potter Party Pics! :-)

Last Friday my mom hosted a Harry Potter party at her library.

Here's what we saw in the lobby.
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My sister and I decided to go as brothers:
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One kid said to us, "Nice hair! Who are you?"

We put our heads together and said, "Ummmm, what do you think?"

He said,' OH! Right! Which one's Fred and which one's George?"

We kind of had to fight over it, given what happens in book seven.

Here's one of the other moms as Professor Sprout.
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Isn't she great??

We each got sorted into houses with a real sorting hat!
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I was Ravenclaw. Very relieved I didn't get put in this house:
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(My sister and son weren't so lucky.)

Here's my mom as Madam Hooch.
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We played Quiddich inside with a balloon and feather dusters. Believe it or not, it got kinda ugly! Professor Sprout pulled my hair off! My my house still tied for first!

We also had to take OWL's. I think my house tied for second place. And then, we had a scavenger hunt for the Sorcerer's Stone, which involved visiting Moaning Murtle's bathroom.

After the house cup winners were announced (my house tied for first! yay!) and the prizes were given out (Burtie Botts Every Flavor Beans), we had some refreshments.

Owl droppings:
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Olivander's wands:
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And Aragog's babies:
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It was such a fun night. I was so impressed with all the kids' costumes and the way my mom put it all together. Hopefully she'll have another party this summer to kick off the final movie. I'm sure there will be tears. Do any of us really want to let go of the magic?


Monday Morning Warm-Up:

Write to the prompt, "I knew it was finally over when..."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She's here!

It seems so early, since the book doesn't come out until July.

And yet...

PEARL is here!

And the best part? This is my first book my son is old enough to read! (Along with his very patient cat.)

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On the back:
"Meet Pearl and Henry: misfits, best friends,
and—possibly—one another's first love."
Henry Holt, July 19 (ages 12 and up)

I'm hoping there will be ARCs available at NCTE/ALAN, which (holy cow!) is in just a few weeks! Will you be there? I'm not scheduled to do any signings but I'll be around to meet up. My workshop is on Monday at 12:30. I am determined NOT to let my nerves ruin the weekend. Ahem. *plans escape to the Wizarding World*  :-)