Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skype visits are pretty dang cool

My big thankful Thursday today is that I survived my very first SKYPE visit! Not only that, I actually enjoyed it!

I had no idea this was happening during my visit, but Diana Tixier Herald, aka "genrelibrarian" on Twitter, was Tweeting my visit! I saw these updates after my talk, while I was sitting in my office wondering if it went OK:

@joknowles is doing Skype program at Mesa Co Library. She is fabulous taking to teens and looks gorgeous, too.

@jo knowles likes to read YA fiction, fantasy and Holly Black.

@jo knowles is awesome. She is talking about the books that made her a reader and subsequently a writer. Robert Cormier-CHOCOLATE WAR

So, after my head swelled up so hugely I couldn't get out of my office door, I relaxed. Thank you SO MUCH Diana, for saying such sweet things. You really made my night.

A long time ago, I bragged on Twitter that I'd made a delicious flourless chocolate cake. Diana messaged me and asked for the recipe. Last night, Shanna, the librarian who ran the Skype visit, had borrowed the recipe from Diana and served the cake to the teens who came to the event! She even held it up to the camera so I could see. She added a brilliant-looking caramel drizzle over the top which I must try next time. Anyway, when Shanna signed me up I had no idea she knew Diana, or that Diana would be in the room! Small, sweet world. :-)

If you have questions about how Skype worked, please feel free to ask in the comments. This was my first visit and I definitely feel like I learned a few important things about being prepared and what to expect. And thanks so much to Kate Messner for her wonderful Skype workshop at NESCBWI and also her wonderful posts about it on her blog. They really helped!

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  1. Sounds like you did wonderfully for your first time. Congrats! Sounds fun. xo