Friday, July 30, 2010


1. All of my edits for SEE YOU AT HARRY'S have arrived.

I know I'm a dork, but I am really excited to get to work. There's just one change I don't want to make, but I know in the end I'll realize it's essential. For now though, I have the "But but but but..." feeling. Sometimes it's hard to let go.

2. The boy really is eleven.

Last night we went to my in-laws for dinner to celebrate and my mother-in-law had taken out E's baby album for us to ooh and aah over. E kept commenting on how YOUNG Peter and I looked in the pictures. At one point he said something like, "Wow, you two aged FAST."

We blame him.

3. I wish I was at SCBWI LA

That conference just looks like so much FUN! Have you ever been? Is it worth all that $$$$$? Maybe someday... But mostly I wish I was there this year to wish Julia Durango a HUGE congratulations for her Golden Kite Award for her wonderful book, SEA OF THE DEAD!!

4. Speaking of conferences, though...

Next week I'll be heading to West Palm Beach for my agent's annual retreat. I cannot WAIT to visit with old and new friends, talk about craft, work on my revision, and maybe maybe maybe fly on a TRAPEZE!

5. Today E and I have our 2nd guitar lesson!

We've been practicing our song nearly every day and we're pretty ok, though we sound a bit squawky. I think my guitar is too big for me because when I try E's, it seems much easier to handle. Would it be very wrong to play a child-size guitar??? Yeah. Probably.

5.5 Have a great weekend!
Really. Have a great one! :-)

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