Monday, August 2, 2010

Construction vs. Revision

My son finished camps for the summer just when my edits arrived. Luckily, he just had a birthday and received things that require assembly. So, we've been working together constructing (him) and reconstructing (me). Here's what my dining room table looks like:

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Yesterday, my parents came over with a new basketball hoop (the kind with its own stand). The catch is that it was still in the box. It took all five of us three bleeping hours to get the thing put together because the instructions were so complicated and badly written.

There was a lot of sweating.

Taking things apart and putting them together again.

Head scratching.

Bleeding (poor Peter).


A few maniacal laughs.

And an enormous cheer when we finally finished.

You know what?

It was a lot like revision. ;-)

We let my son take the first shot and he sunk it. I'm really hoping my revision ends the same way!


Monday Morning Warm-Up:

Write to the prompt, "We never thought it would end like this..."

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