Monday, August 16, 2010

Glad that's done

For the past several days, I've been carefully reading the final pages of PEARL.

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It is very hard to concentrate when you have an eleven year old constantly checking on your progress with, "Can we do something yet? When can we? Are you almost done? How much longer? Now? How many minutes? I want to BEEEEE with you."

So, I gave him a new book and we all worked together.

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I just hit "send" and the changes are waiting in my editor's in-box. Looking at the manuscript for the, oh, what feels like MILLIONTH time, it's hard to imagine finding any big problems. But when you look at something really close up it's amazing what you notice.

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(My son wasn't the only one constantly interrupting me.)

After a few mini panic attacks (woah, it's also amazing how one tiny change can have such a snowball effect), I think/pray/hope I got everything.

This time, it really feels like letting go. And I'll be honest. It's terrifying. And yet, it also feels really really great. :-)


Monday Morning Warm-Up:

Write to the prompt, "Everything's going to be just fine..."


  1. Yay, congrats on being done! I think I might know a way to counteract some of that fear and anxiety: chocolate. :-)

  2. Thanks Anna! I like the way you think! :-)